Air-Cure Inc. Dry-Fogging Systems

For Point Source Dust Emissions, from the Company who Knows PRB Coal Dust. To view installations in PRB coal dust facilities visit our Image Gallery (3MB PDF).
Dry-fogging fugitive dust suppression works like a combination of a wet scrubber and a fabric filter. With appropriate nozzle placement, shroud design and baffling dry-fogging can generate a layer of fine water droplets (fog) that a dust particle cannot pass through without colliding with a droplet. Since the droplet consists of water, the dust particle becomes somewhat wet when they collide and bond together, otherwise known as agglomeration.

Dry-fogging does not use any chemicals or consumables reducing operating costs compared to conventional wet suppression systems. Utilizing compressed air and water pressure, the nozzles atomize water to a particle size capable of agglomerating with fine dust particles.

Requiring only compressed air and filtered water makes dry-fogging ideal for locations such as:

Stacker Reclaimers
Portal Reclaimers
Telescoping Chutes
Remote Transfer Points

Each nozzle adds less than ten gallons per hour of water, minimizing the moisture content and any adhering properties added to the product. Dry-fogging is suitable for coal, sulfur and aggregates among others.

In order to increase the effectiveness of the agglomeration between the dust particle and the water droplet, the two particles need to be similar in size. If the water droplet is of a larger size, the dust particle will tend to follow the air stream around the water droplet rather than collide with it. PRB coal dust, for example, ranges from 1 to 100 microns in size. The particle size one is typically concerned with is the smaller respirable particle size under 20 microns. View this concept in Diagram 1 .

The ACLN and ACSN nozzles used by Air-Cure are capable of creating water droplets under 10 microns to effectively control this range of particles. This is accomplished with the energy from the compressed air atomizing the water by breaking the surface tension. View the Nozzle Spray.

Air-Cure has extensive experience in bulk-handling and its associated dusts. Our core group of engineers have been working together in dust control for over 25 years and have over 700 installations on PRB coal dust. Air-Cure supplies specific equipment and components as well as complete integrated systems. Our complete systems feature: fire detection/ suppression system, PLC controls with touchscreen, ductwork, hoods and baffling, dust disposal, and dry-fogging technology. Our vast knowledge of dust collection allows Air-Cure to best integrate dust suppression and collection together. We are the leading supplier of dust control equipment for the mines in the Powder River Basin and for the utilities using PRB coal.


Air-Cure Inc. Dry-Fogging