Survey of Air-Cure Experience on
Dust Control System Design for PRB Coal

The market economics and the Federal 1990 Clean Air Act have made the low sulfur subbituminous coals of the Powder River Basin (PRB) in Wyoming State a popular choice with coal burning utilities. However, with the switch to these fuels, considerable re-engineering of the power station systems has to occur, with one being the coal dust collection systems. All coal is not the same and just as there are modifications required for combustion, there are modifications required in the coal delivery system to insure the safety of personnel, plant, the minimization of maintenance, and the continuous environmental compliance.

Many existing facilities were designed with coal conveyor systems and associated dust control for Eastern and midwestern bituminous coal. There are, from a dust collection perspective, three main differences between the Eastern and midwestern bituminous coal and the PRB sub-bituminous grade:

(1) Greater potential for spontaneous combustion.
(2) Higher moisture content.
(3) Large amount of fine particulate.

It is necessary that we evaluate each feature of the existing collection system against the above coal characteristics to engineer the necessary changes.

We want to emphasize that the dust collection system is just that, a system, where we focus on each feature of each component. All the components will become part of a system on a car dump, crusher, or silo application. We have included figures to demonstrate this integration of features into the actual application.

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